Homestead Weekend | Nov 10-11, 2023 | Western NC

Join like-minded Catholics at St. Joseph's Farm for a broad introduction to the basics of homesteading and farming.
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Work. Pray. Rest.

On-farm retreats and classes for men and boys.

Man, unlike the angels and the beasts, can have his hands in the soil and his mind in heaven. It often happens in that order.


Maturity and character come from the experience of real things.

St Joseph’s Farm is a teaching farm in Western NC that focuses on traditional husbandry, skills, and culture to help men regain sanity and reconnect with reality in a world of artificiality.  From homesteading to classical literature to survival skills, programs at SJF are not your average “retreats”.


What is an SJF experience?


We are surrounded by the “glories” of man in cities and media, but at SJF you will be renewed by the silence, organic order, and peace of God’s glory found in nature.  You’ll also get your hands dirty.


Did you miss out on granddad’s skills? Recovering traditional skills is not for nostalgia, but because they help form the character of a man and are rich in meaning.  These skills can grow into craft or homesteading, or just offer a lens through which to examine and re-order your own work.


St. Joseph’s Farm events are taught and hosted by men in the trenches of living virtuously for the sake of God and their family – solid men with solid principles.  SJF events aren’t at curated conference centers, but the real homesteads and farms of real men.


No “trust falls” or other forced experiences here.  Plan on growing in brotherhood, wisdom, and maturity through normal and gritty things like work, prayer, and rest (true leisure).  Organic growth through experience is better than manufactured sentimentalism.


Programs at St. Joseph’s Farm provide the principles and mentoring needed to live the Catholic faith radically in any setting, not just a farm.  The experience “lives on” in those that visit long after they leave the farm.


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