When we enter this world as infants we are amazingly incompetent.  Being unable to feed or care for ourselves, we rely on others – appropriately enough.  It is through the slow unfolding of physical, mental, and even moral maturing that we learn how to care for ourselves as we become men. As we learn how to “do things” we gain authentic confidence by maturing and we mature by gaining confidence.

But, more importantly, learning to care for ourselves is how we learn to care for others.  It is in fatherhood that a man most fully uses all the powers he has gained growing up, becoming a man by becoming a gift for others.  This is how we live actively in the world, inhabiting our respectful dominions – our places and households – with confidence and capability.

In other words, there are things a man needs to know how to do because others will one day need him.  Sure, some people will take the “consumerist option,” focusing on earning enough money to pay other people to do everything for them.  But at some point every man will face moments where he needs to act.

Are you ready?

This May come out to St. Joseph’s Farm and immerse yourself with capable men and other humble students and learn the most important and basic skills of a man.  This week-long experience is limited to twelve men (18+) and takes place at St. Joseph’s Farm.  With a daily rhythm of prayer, instruction, and hands-on experience, you will be able to disconnect from the artificial world of media and amusement and connect with reality and each other.  Be ready to learn how to:

Kill, process, and cook an animal (with a butcher)

Prepare meals for and with a family (like a man!)

Shoot a gun (with a world renowned gun maker)

Be at leisure (no phones required… or allowed)

Build a wall (with carpenters)

Order your day toward prayer and contemplation (with a theologian and Benedictine Oblate)

Wire an outlet (even as you “unplug”)

Change your oil and brakes (with a mechanic)

Milk a cow (with a farmer)

Practice self-defense (with a law enforcement professional)

And, lastly, harness your shared, meaningful work to do something good for a family that needs it (we’re going to build something for them)

Cost: $1,200 which includes lodging, delicious meals, instructors and classes, ammunition, and proportionate libations.

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